• Bath, brush, blow dry, ear clean & nail clip: £30
  • Full groom: £47
  • Weight: 1-4KG

Long coats are high maintenance and should be brushed at least 3 times a week, if not daily. The coat grows quickly and can become matted easily. Regular brushing helps to remove dead hair and distributes natural oils through the coat, keeping it and their skin healthy. When brushing at home, pay special attendion to brushing your dog’s legs, armpits, hygiene area and underneith their collar/harness.

When bathing at home or after your dog becomes wet you should dry their coat by wrapping your dog in a large towel and gently patting dry. Avoid rubbing which will tangle long hair and can cause matts to develop. Allow the dog to air dry, or blow dry on low heat while brushing with a slicker brush to fluff up their coat.

Our De-tangle shampoo is designed to make grooming a little easier, making combing and brushing the coat kinder and more gentle on your dog. It will also help protect the coat from further damage when brushing. This type of coat will also benefit from Argan Oil conditioner with a unique blend of Moroccan argan oil and conditioning agents. It rapidly penetrates the hair shaft, restoring shine and softness whilst strengthening the hair shaft

We then blow dry the coat while thoroughly brushing/combing to fluff up their coat and remove any knotts or tangles. This allows for a neat, clean cut when styling to your chosen specifications.

Please note that complete shaving of dogs will be carried out if the dog is extensively matted. We groom humanely and if we feel your dog is in pain, they will be shaved off in order to comply with The Animal Welfare Act (2006) Five Freedoms. 

Some breeds may then benefit from trimming some areas where the underecoat has grown long such as their chest, tuck, legs/paws, tail and rump. 

Most double coated dogs will shed twice a year. Clipping your dog will NOT help with shedding. Their coat helps to keep them cool during warm weather. Clipping your dog allows their skin to be directly exposed to the sun, and this will increase the likelihood of sunburn and heatstroke. The undercoat usually grows faster than the topcoat and therefore, once clipped it is very unlikely that the topcoat will ever catch up and create a distance between the two coats again.

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