• Bath, brush, blow dry, ear clean & nail clip: £15 (0-3m)
  • Bath, brush, blow dry, ear clean & nail clip: £25 (3-6m)

A puppy’s coat needs gentle cleansing which will not strip the coat and skin of essential natural oils​.

Introducing your puppy to grooming early is essential for their development. This is particularly important for long haired breeds which will require more intense grooming sessions once they acquire their adult coat.

We recommend one or two puppy grooms starting after their second vaccinations until they are 6months old.

Their first visit to Bell’s&Bristles will start by familiarizing them with myself and the environment. Your puppy is bathed in gently clensing, mild ingredient puppy shampoo and dried using a super soft microfibre towel which is designed to speed up the drying process, making for a much more soothing and comfortable experience. They will then be introduced slowly to the sounds and feel of the dryer on a low setting as their coat is brushed through with a curved ball pin slicker which is gentle on the skin(long coat) or massaged with a soft rubber brush to promote good circulation(Short/smooth coat).

To complete you puppy’s groom, their ears are cleaned and nails clipped before a quick spritz of baby fresh fragrance spray which contains camomile extract to sooth their skin and leaves them feeling and smelling fresh for longer.

Eye trimming, Hygiene clipping and a paw tidy are incorporated into your long-haired puppy’s first groom to introduce them to the sound and feeling of clippers and scissors before their full groom.

Of course no puppy’s groom is complete without lots of cuddles from their groomer!

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