• Bath, brush, blow dry, ear clean & nail clip: £35
  • Weight: 42-50KG
  • Coat: Smooth

Smooth coats are very short, the coat lies flat to the skin and is easy to maintain requiring very little home grooming.

Short coats have two layers, this coat can hold more water and scent, making it harder to dry and can become smellier. 

Our Evening Primrose Oil is ideal for these types of coat as it reduces static and conditions both the coat and skin while adding shine. It is also ideal for dog;s prone to sensitive skin such as bull dog breeds. 

These types of coat will also benefit from regularly adding a De-shed to their bath. This involves removing excess coat during bathing with Furminator shampoo containing built in proteins which strengthen the hair follicles helping to reduce shedding between grooms. The coat is then blasted from the root removing excess hair before furminating with one of our furminator tools and/or Kong Zoom Groom brushes.

To complete their groom; our Baby fresh fragrance spray not only smells amazing, but contains camomile extracts and is great for soothing their skin.

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